Throttle cable rollers by Buttys Bits


This split bus throttle cable runers by Butty's Bits in the UK are a nice and easy upgrade.
Split buses always suffered with the throttle/accelerator cable cutting into the gearbox just after the cable comes out of the chassis section in front of the gearbox , Vw originally fitted a floppy tube setup that is no longer available , only way around this problem prior to this kit was to modify a Beetle floppy tube .
This roller just bolts to the gearbox , kit comes with a new m8 nut and locking washer , you simply undo the nut and bolt this kit on , leaving it loose until the cable is threaded through , then set the best position for it to sit in and torque up the gearbox nut , that is it .
Very easy if you do not run heat exchangers . Still doable with heat exchangers just a little less room to swing the wrench .
Will fit stock or modified vehicles Swing on Split buses only.
The rollers have bearings inside and the body sections are plated in an anti corrosion plating .
Cheap piece of kit that makes the cable run very free , and stops the cable sawing into the gearbox.
Most gearboxes have these cable scars (see picture) . Its a fit and forget item .